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Lease the Sun

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Lease the Sun?

In the USA, we’ve talked seriously about solar energy for about 30 years. In some places, solar hot water has been a reality much longer than that, but the real benefit is to use photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity. With photovoltaic panels, we have the ability to generate excess electricity during the day and sell it to the utility company through “net metering”, i.e., we run the meter backwards. The utility’s peak demand is during the day.  Meeting peak demand is how utilities justify more power plants.  On the hottest days, the oldest, dirtiest power plants are cranked up. Through net metering, you’ll sell the output of the photovoltaic panels to the utility. With enough of us net metering, we will reduce the need for new power plants that are only used to meet peak demand. That will protect the environment for everyone and help keep rates from rising too fast. The technology is now good enough to make use of PV panels practical.

What has held us up? Two things.

1.      The cost has been so high most people couldn’t think about it!  Until now, it has cost tens of thousands of dollars to install PV panels on your house.  Not any more!

2.      Opposition from the Sun-Blockers.  Congress, your state legislature, your utility company haven’t done enough.  And when you get past everything else, homeowners associations block you on “aesthetic” grounds.  Enough is enough.  Just the act of signing up is a signal to all of them that you want them to be serious about solar.

Yes, Lease the Sun!

Ever since I was offered a transfer to Raleigh, NC, a week after breaking ground on a solar addition in New Paltz, NY, I’ve been passively (well, it’s about solar) waiting for the right solution. I’m really excited that after nearly 30 years, it has finally come along. You don’t have to pay for the cell tower. You don’t have to pay to drill the oil well. Finally, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars before you turn on your own solar power.

Now you can lease photovoltaic panels for your home, hassle-free. Someone else will install them (and not charge you for it). Someone else will make sure the components all match. Someone else will maintain them. Someone else will take them down and put them back when you need a new roof. Someone else will even move them to your new house when you move (once free).  It’s all covered by your monthly payments. You’ll even save money!

Save Money; Save the World

You’ll save money compared with what your utility would charge you.   You’ll save money compared with buying your own PV system.  If your utility uses coal, you’ll keep pollution out of the air, save greenhouse gases, and maybe save a coalminer’s life.  If the utility uses oil, starve a terrorist.  It the utility uses nuclear, that’s a little bit of waste that won’t have to be stored for 10,000 years.

For your home – if you have an electric meter and a roof

Here's your chance to use the sun to generate your home’s electricity.  You contribute directly to reducing your utility’s need for fossil fuels and/or nuclear.  Either way, the environment benefits.  You not only have no installation cost (see deposit*), but you can guarantee your current rate (pun intended) for 25 years.


Join the Solution!

Until now, the homeowner had to pay thousands before he got his first KWH from his home system.  You don't have to buy your cell phone and your own tower.  They give you the phone and amortize it.  You don't pay Exxon for your share of the well or the tanker, just for the gas you put in the car.  Why is solar different?

Be Serious about Solar: take the First Step Now!

Signing up is risk-free.  It costs nothing until you agree to the system design for your house.  And it tells all the Sun-Blockers you want them to do whatever they can to enable solar.

To learn more and Lease The Sun for your home, click here.

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*Deposit: After you agree to the customized configuration the company’s engineer has created for you, you pay a $500 refundable deposit.  If you can’t agree on the configuration, you pay nothing. The deposit is refunded at the end of your contract and accumulates interest for the life of your contract.

Ecopreneur Mike Schaul (see top left, this page) at a business expo

at Raleigh's Capital City Club. Photo by Martin Brossman.